Forgotten F-105 Warriors
Documentary and Television Mini-Series

They Were Warriors

The most talented and fearless group of pilots every assembled.

Day after day they flew into the jaws of death in service for our country

Tom Boatman, John Morrissey, Charlie Copin, Matt Kech, Sam Waters, Ray Moss, Frank Tullo and Bill Hosmer at Korat
Flying out of Korat and Takhli, the F-105 pilots - known as Thud drivers - faced enormous losses.
Almost fifty percent of the 837 F-105s were lost in combat and hundreds of pilots were killed or captured.
                                                                                                                                                                                Photo courtesy of Bill Hosmer

     Lt. Colonel Billy Sparks

His smile. His laugh. The way he told a story!

Anyone who ever met Billy knows that he was a very special member of the F-105 community. He flew more than 145 combat sorties over North Vietnam and was awarded three Silver Stars, seven Distinguished Flying Crosses and fifteen Air Medals. 
His interview at the 355th Reunion in Dayton will be a feature of our documentary.

His book, 
Takhli Tales, is a ri
veting collection of stories that recall those turbulent years when F-105 pilots took part in Operation Rolling Thunder. Weaved throughout the book is the love story with his beloved wife, Dell.  
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Lt. Colonel Billy "Sparky" Sparks - Interviewed by our Producer, Jonathan Chambers - 333rd Reunion at USAF Museum, Dayton - October 2012

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He believed that this project is important because it honors those who gave so much to their country.

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A Message from Robin Olds' daughter, Christina Olds:

"Our air warriors are flying west faster than we can stop them long enough to tell them how much we love, respect and admire all of them for their service and their courage.

The outstanding documentary,
Forgotten F-105 Warriors, is a fitting and worthy tribute to the men who flew the F-105 Thunderchief.

"Their story - THIS story -
deserves a starring place
in  United States
aviation history

Bennett, Frank Everett
Korat - 354th 

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On April 4, 1965 while flying his F-105 (Tail #591754), Frank Bennett was shot down. He was the first F-105 pilot killed in action during Operation Rolling Thunder.

On that same day James Magnusson was also KIA and Carlyle "Smitty" Harris was shot down and became the first F-105 POW. 
On the Wall: PANEL 1E, ROW 100

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HARRIS, Carlyle Smith - "Smitty"
Korat - 67
April 4, 1965
POW - Released 1972
When Carlyle Smith Harris was shot down over North Vietnam he had no idea that he would remain a POW for seven years, eight months and eight days. On the day he was shot down, his beautiful wife, Louise, was waiting for him in Japan. She was eight months pregnant. Although it was thought "Smitty" had not survived, Louise knew in her heart he was alive.

This is a photo of Col. Harris and his family. When he was was released in 1972 the reporters surrounded him asking him questions. He had one simple message he wanted to share:

"God Bless America!"    

These are the words of a hero. 
The Famous Electronic Warfare Officers

They are too often we want to honor the heroic EWOs who sat second seat on Weasel flights.  
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