Forgotten F-105 Warriors
Documentary and Television Mini-Series
We are looking for more stories from Ground Crews who served in Takhli/Korat

Send your story and photos for us to post. This is a place to preserve your story or
the story of your father, brother, uncle or friend, because we want to make sure no one is forgotten.

Load Toad 65-66

As the Treasurer of 355th Fighter Group Association, "Big Bill" has made it his mission to help his fellow ground crew members through his diligent work in getting people together.

Need help in finding someone? Want info on upcoming reunions?

"Big Bill" is always happy to hear from anyone who served in Takhli/Korat.

355th TFW-Mechanic

Bob, who was born in Springfield, MA, was just 20 years old when he arrived in Takhli. He saw the Bob Hope Christmas Show.

Were you in
Takhli or Korat?
Did you have a relative who served?

Please contact us.

Do you have photos from the USO Christmas shows?
Stills with Bob Hope?  Rachel Welch?

Please contact us.


We are looking for more photos and stories about ground crews. 

Are you in this photo? 
Or do you know any of these men?

Please let us know.

The first thing an F-105 pilot will say when asked about what their time in Takhli and Korat is that they couldn't have done their job without the dedicated and talented ground crews -- mostly young guys a year or two out of high school. Working in the worst conditions imaginable, the F-105 ground crews worked tirelessly to provide the pilots with the best plane possible.

Our documentary will include interviews with ground crews, like this one with James Porter at the 333rd TFS Reunion in Dayton, Ohio.