Forgotten F-105 Warriors
Documentary and Television Mini-Series

The Untold Story of F-105 Pilots and their Dedicated Ground Crews

Forgotten F-105 Warriors  is a documentary film that will capture the personal stories of these heroes
- these warriors - for this generation and the next.

Almost 50 years have passed since these warriors fought a war that resulted in the loss of so many. 
Now is the time to get these warriors and their families in front of the camera
to preserve their thoughts and feelings from those days.

Col. Leo K. Thorsness
Medal of Honor recipient

Listen to our radio interview with Col. Thorsness



Patzi Gil is the Host of JOY ON PAPER, a radio program for writers and those who dream of writing. 

She was inspired to create Forgotten F-105 Warriors after writing a script based on G.I. Basel's book, PAK SIX, about the pilots of Operation Rolling Thunder. She has spent the past few years interviewing pilots and ground crews to get all their exciting stories about one of the most deadly air campaigns in history.

She is also working on a lifestyle television series called
History? It's Food! based on twenty-years as a home school mom.



Jonathan G. Chambers, President, Executive Producer, and Writer for Hyperactive Dreams, oversees all development and production responsibilities for the company.  With more than thirty years in the entertainment and advertising industries, he has produced or managed more than 900 projects in the television, feature film and commercial arenas.

Known for his creativity, professional standards, broad-based experience and attention to detail, Jonathan is also a Directors Guild of America Unit Production Manager and First Assistant Director.  His projects have had him shooting in many locations throughout Florida, California and North America, and supervising global projects with crews working around the globe.

Over the years, Jonathan has encountered and succeeded with every production element imaginable: from blue screen to boats, celebrities, exotic animals, helicopters, special effects, stunts, and more.

Additional projects on Jonathan's development slate include: Bethlehem, the Beginning (animated musical feature film); Modern Christian Family (reality series); Ordinary Guys, Extraordinary Lives (documentary series); History? It’s Food! (lifestyle history and food series); Lydia (biographical feature film); Players Never Win (crime action feature film), The Sunshine Pilot (comedy feature film.)